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Western PA's Largest Pawn Shop!

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Need cash fast and have valuable items to sell?

Consider trying out a pawning trade. Our pawn store offers a cash loan to an individual in exchange for a collateral item. The loan is a 30 day loan, that can be renewed up to 8 times. To renew the loan, the customer only needs to pay the interest.


For example, if a customer borrowed $100, and needed to extend the loan for another 30 days, the customer would pay $3 to extend the loan. In the state of PA, by law, you can only charge a 3% monthly interest, period.


Bring in your jewelry, electronics, or tools and power equipment and walk out with money in your pocket. When you get paid, come back and your items will be waiting for you!

How exactly do you pawn your jewelry and other goods?

What happens if you can't pick up your stuff?

Bring whatever you would like to pawn into the only licensed pawn shop in the area and we will give you cash. You will then pay 3% interest every 30 days.

If after 30 days you still don't have the money to pick up your pawned item, but don't want to lose it, simply pay the 3% interest and the deal starts again.

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